Our approach to brewing:

An eclectic mix of New and Old World styles using mostly European malts and, whenever possible, aggressive amounts of American Hops. Our brewer first learned the British and German styles before making his way through several Michigan craft breweries to learn the trade from the best in his area. We seek to offer a range of strong, session, hoppy, mild, and local-sourced options that will provide something for every thirsty pilgrim that graces our floors, and inspire craft beer fans to keep coming back for more deliciously fresh frothy fare.


Bourbon Walker-Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

We took our Great Walker Imperial Stout and let it aged for over 6 months in a George Dickel bourbon barrel. This added hints of vanilla and bourbon to a rich, chocolatey strong stout with hints of stone fruit and a distinct warming presence.

ABV: 12%  IBU-72

Electric Hart: Belgian Brown Ale

Strong Belgian Dark ales combine the tart and fruity flavors from the funky yeasts used with a complex malt background. Ours has a balance of fruity notes that compliment a roasty caramel flavor from a hint of brown English malt against a backdrop of bready German malts.

ABV: 8.2%  IBU-15



Gluten for Punishment: German Style Wheat Ale

Traditionally, this German style of wheat beer was the only kind of beer brewers were allowed to brew in Bavaria during the summer, prior to refrigeration, as the special yeast used is more heat tolerant. With almost half of the grain in the recipe being malted wheat, there is an unmistakable bread-y flavor that is complimented perfectly by the tart and fruity notes that linger together.

ABV:5.5%  IBU-15


Oceana Gold: Rye Saison

The Saison style was traditional brewed in late winter or early spring by Belgian farmers to be consumed during the summer months while working in their fields.

The Saison yeast strain used to ferment this beer lends hints of banana and clove to the nose and carry through to the body.  We used a little rye malt in the recipe to add a slight spice character to its flavors.

It’s slightly hazy golden/ orange color is reminiscent of the beautiful summer sunsets over Lake Michigan that we get to enjoy.

ABV: 7.5%     IBU-15

Star Hill: Dry Stout

A tribute to the classic Irish stout, this low gravity beer strikes a balance between roasty malt and refined hop character that pleases to the last drop. Dark roasty flavours are dominant but are more chocolatey than bitter.

ABV: 4.2%  IBU-30

Test Hill: Double IPA

A strong American-style IPA that packs a full-power hop aroma blast in each sip. A small amount of Belgian sugar amps up the strength while leaving it drier than an all-malt beer.

ABV:9.5%  IBU-68

Tripel Impact: Belgian Tripel

This beer’s name is a play on a movie starring another big Belgian Jean-Claude Van Damme and if you’re not careful it could put a hurting on you just like JCVD could.  Coming in with an abv of 11.3% we suggest that you limit your intake of this smooth but strong Belgian tripel.

Belgian sugar adds to the sweetness to this beer and the Belgian yeast used adds aromas and flavors of banana and clove.  You may also notice a slight heat in its finish due to the elevated alcohol content.

ABV: 11.3%    IBU:22


Vielen Dank: American IPA

This crisp, refreshing IPA is a collaboration with Edelbrau Brewing Co which is soon to open in Ann Arbor.

Its name means “many thanks” in German and we’re sure IPA lovers will be thankful for the generous amounts of American hops used in its brewing.  Enjoy!

ABV: 6.5%  IBU-70

Workingman's: Helles Alt

Before the widespread popularity of bottom-fermenting lager beers, most German-brewed beers were what we would now call ales. Acknowledging this history, the style called “Alt” which is German for “old” exists as a throwback to older brewing methods. Our take on the style is more golden-pale than most modern German amber versions.

ABV:5%  IBU-21