Our approach to brewing:

An eclectic mix of New and Old World styles using mostly European malts and, whenever possible, aggressive amounts of American Hops. Our brewer first learned the British and German styles before making his way through several Michigan craft breweries to learn the trade from the best in his area. We seek to offer a range of strong, session, hoppy, mild, and local-sourced options that will provide something for every thirsty pilgrim that graces our floors, and inspire craft beer fans to keep coming back for more deliciously fresh frothy fare.


5 o'clock Whistle: Vienna IPA

By pairing lightly roasted Vienna malt with pale British base malt, we created a piquant and almost winey backdrop for one of our hoppiest beers on the menu. The Vienna malt leaves it a bit closer to the amber spectrum than many American IPAs.

ABV: 6.2%  IBU-53



Alphonse Session IPA

Standing out from our other dry hopped beers, Alphonse has less bitterness and a much lighter body, giving it a crisp mouthfeel.  The proprietary Falconers Flight hop blend lends pleasant white grape, berry and citrus notes that fade into a gently bitter and quite refreshing finish.

ABV:5.5%  IBU-35 

***Silver Medal Winner 2022 World Expo of Beer       ***Bronze Medal Winner 2023 World Expo of Beer***

***Silver Medal Winner 2023 World Expo of Beer***

Collin's Full Size : Imperial IPA

A full frontal assault of citra hop aroma, this beer is a true homage to big IPA lovers past and present.  So hoppy it may make other IPAs taste like water.  Consider yourself warned.

ABV: 10%  IBU-55  

***Gold Medal Winner 2023 World Expo of Beer***


Dune Rail American Blonde

As a style, American Blonde Ales are less bitter than the typical American Pale Ale.  This refreshing beer, with restrained hop aroma, lets the fine German malts take the stage for a round.

ABV:4%  IBU-11

***Gold Medal Winner 2018 World Expo of Beer***

 ***Bronze Medal Winner 2022 World Expo of Beer***



Fleming's Field: Apple Cider

Made with a mix of local apples from J & H Fleming Farm in Shelby, this cider is the perfect balance between sweet and tart.  A hint of green apple in the nose followed by sweet flavors in the body and a slightly dry finish, this cider will quench your thirst on even the warmest of summer days.

ABV: 6%  Gluten Free


Great Walker Imperial Stout

Supposedly this style was born when special beers were brewed to gift to Russian Imperialists. A rich, chocolatey strong stout with hints of stone fruit and a distinct warming presence.

ABV: 10%  IBU-72


Screeching Sands: Agave Amber

Made as a loving tribute to the famous cactus, this strong hoppy amber ale blends German malts, blue agave syrup, and American hops.

ABV: 8.2%  IBU-35

***Gold Medal Winner 2018 World Expo of Beer***

Smoke Follows The Jive Ass: Smoked Porter

A proper blast of smoky flavor from German beechwood-smoked malt tempered with an array of English roasted malts. The hop bitterness blends with the aggressive smokey flavor and itself lends to the roasty malt character

ABV:5.5%  IBU-45 

***Silver Medal Winner 2022 World Expo of Beer***

Star Hill: Dry Stout

A tribute to the classic Irish stout, this low gravity beer strikes a balance between roasty malt and refined hop character that pleases to the last drop. Dark roasty flavours are dominant but are more chocolatey than bitter.

ABV: 4.2%  IBU-30

***Silver Medal Winner 2022 World Expo of Beer***


Test Hill: Double IPA

A strong American-style IPA that packs a full-power hop aroma blast in each sip. A small amount of Belgian sugar amps up the strength while leaving it drier than an all-malt beer.

ABV:9.5%  IBU-68

***Gold Medal Winner 2022 World Expo of Beer***

Workingmans: Helles Alt

Before the widespread popularity of bottom-fermenting lager beers, most German-brewed beers were what we would now call ales. Acknowledging this history, the style called “Alt” which is German for “old” exists as a throwback to older brewing methods. Our take on the style is more golden-pale than most modern German amber versions.

ABV:5%  IBU-21

***Gold Medal Winner 2022 World Expo of Beer***

***Silver Medal Winner 2023 World Expo of Beer***